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Tovey Fans

For fans of Teh Tove a.k.a Russell Tovey

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For Fans of Russell Tovey
GENERAL: This community is for all things Russell Tovey, the talented British actor of stage and screen.
Feel free to post whatever you want, including, but not limited to, icons, fanart, screencaps, vids, news, general discussion posts, and posts of major love for teh Tovey.

MODS: missmovies missmomoko


- The community is for FANS of Russell, therefore everyone will be expected to show respect towards him, ANY post that include derogitory comments will be deleted STAT.

- Please respect fellow community members, if you disagree on something then talk it out and solve it like regular people, us mods don't want to start having to play referee.

- Tag your entries, they don't have to be too specific, just 'icons', 'caps', 'reviews' etc will do. Tags are made of win people so don't forget to do it.

- Use an LJ CUT if your post is long, includes a lot of art, or has pictures than will throw people's friends list into the disalligned abyss. No more than three icons as a preview please.

- Remember that some people may not have seen all of Russell's work, so if your post includes spoilers then please give a warning.

- Abuse of the !!! and CAPS will never be frowned upon.

- Smile, have fun, be happy and bouncy, Russell would love you for it!



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